There once was a leprechaun name Elas
    who lived in the trunk of a tree. And
he only came out in the dark of the night,
            when nobody could see.
For you see Elas was red ....instead of green
       and amongst the four leaf clover
             he was easy to be seen.
Now, Elas the leprechaun faced such a miserable plight.
            He wanted to play in the clover
             in the beautiful Irish daylight.
        Oh, he wanted to play in the clover
              in the beautilful Irish day light.
        But then one night a child was lost
              and he heard her as she wept.
            For  Elas was..... just waking
         while the other leprechauns slept.
     He found the child and comforted her
              in his special leprechaun way.
          Then led the little child home... safe
                before the break of day.
           Now Elas was so very proud
        though he couldn't play in the green,
      and he gave much more than gold away.
           The little child dreamed... of Elas....
       the leprechaun who lived in the tunk a tree,
      and only came out in the dark of the night
                 when nobody could see.
  Now this child grew up ...and told this story to me
        each night as she rocked back and forth
                and I sat upon her knee.
          We looked across the meadow....
        with the hope that we would see,
                Elas the red leprechaun....
   " Who saved My Grandmother For Me."

Lyrics and Music by Ernest Hatton Copyright 1982
The song was recorded for my grandmother and as soon as I can I'll put the vocal and music on the site. It's an Irish Gig. Up tempo.
Elas the Red Leprechaun
Written for my grandmother Anna Marie Gallagher Exley
Anna Marie Gallagher Exley and Ernest Jr. 1937
Ernest Jr. and dog discussing the theory of relativity over 60 later in English Pub. Notice how carefully the dog is listening. Pub was built about 1100 in the hometown of the Hatton ancestors.
Home very much like that of Cornelius Hatton's in Bailey Brook, England. Same size and design. Dawn, Ernie and Noreen. Beautiful Country.t.
Speech House England where Philip Hatton presided in the 1700s. Noreen, Dawn and Ernie.
Copyright Rod Neep-send to us after we returned in email. View  from Bailey Brook, Hereford England, to Valley below. Rod is a Genealogist in Gloucester, England.
Copyright Bliss Society, England.... This is the Bliss Home in England.....There is a link on the research page for those who are eligibile to join. I'm a member. Article is last Bliss newsletter written by Ernest Jr. .........Ernest Hatton member 163 US. If you care to join just look at the chart.
Ernest's family through Mass. to New York to Penna. Camilla Bliss born December 6, 1809 in near Binghamton. N.Y. "Our branch is from the western counties and probably evolved from the old Norman Family of de Blez, whose main seat is still known as Stoke Bliss." Bliss publication December 2000.