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Some of the Potter Revolutionary Soldiers
GGGGG-Grandfather Phineas Potter, under Captain Hill's company from Winchester, Conn.
GGGG-Grandfather Deacon Daniel Potter under Captain Samuel Granger, Colonel Charles Webb, Captain Higby served seven years Connecticut Continental Line.
GGGGGG-Grandfather Captain Titus Hinman elected to the first assembly 1776.
Many of these families married later in New York State and Pennsylvania.

My GGGG-Grandfather Deacon Daniel Potter, born 1760 -1828 his Marker reads;
" Served seven years a Revolutionary soldier, 42 years a soldier under King Immanuel, felled by an arrow, commissioned by Almighty God, hoping for Eternal  life through the Soverign Grace in Christ"
GGGGG-Grandfather Phineas Potter 1733-1799 also served. He died in Otsego Co. , N.Y.
My GGG-Grandfather was George Whitefielfd Potter 1806-1876.He died in Sullivan CO., Penna.  His son, my GG-Grandfather served in the Civil War and his letters can be read on the Civil War pages, b.1843-1894.
My G-Grandmother Mertie Cecilia Potter I knew well. There were five generations living when i was in my 20! So, I knew the family very well.
We descend from Puritan John Potter one of the first settlers of New Haven Conn.
Some of our other ancestors are the Hinman family. More soldiers by that name faught in the Revolutionary War than any other name. Phineas Potter mrd. Dorcas Hinman, so we are descended from the Hinman family also.
Rhode Island Potters.....Revotionary War.
George Potter 1777, served in thec alarm company called from Westerly under Captain Edward Bliven, Col. Elias Thompson's " Reformers" regiment.
George Potter Jr. ( 1757-1801), served with the Alarm men and as Lieutenant in Sullivan's Life Guard.
Jeremiah Potter served in the defense of the colony.
John Potter, 1715-88, served as deputy to the General Assembly, 1775. His house was used as a rendezvous for recuits and he was on the committee to procure fire arms.
Samuel Potter, ( 1753-1804 ), served as Lieutenant of the Third Company, and was promted captain, 1776. He was appointed recuiting officer, 1777, of South Kingston.
William Potter, ( 1738-98) , served on the committee of inspection and was a delegate to the convention to restore the Continental currency.
Samuel Potter, served as quartermaster's sergeant, 1777, in the second Rhode Island Regiment.
Silas Potter, ( 1751-1839), served as sergeant with the Rhode Island troops. He was placed on pension roll 1832 for two years' actual service.
Tnomas Potter, ( 1738-1793) , served as Lieutenant Colonel, 1776, and 1779 commanded the Third Regiment of King's county militia.
William Potter, ( 1722-1814), was a member of the General Assembly of Rhode Island, 1775, and Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, 1776. He died in New York.
Caleb Potter, was a signer of the Association Test.
Income Poter, ( 1749-1844), enlisted 1776 as a private under Captain Simeon Clark; tiurs for home defense under different commands. He was placed on pension roll for over eight months of actual service as private of Rhode Island militia.
George Potter, ( 1732-1794) was one of the Reformers of Hopkinton.
Abel Potter, ( 1760-1846 ), enlisted from West Greenwichm. RI. and was placed on pension rolll of Jefferson county, 1831 for service as private, Rhode Island Militia, died Ellisburg, N.Y.
Stephen Potter, ( 1759-1846 ) enlisted, 1776, as corporal in Captain George Thurston's, Colonel Joseph Noyes Rhode Island Regt., and in 1777 was sergeant in Captain Randall
Nathan Potter, enlisted, 1775 in Captain Thomas Holden's company, Col, J.M.Varum and several other enlistments under different commands. He applied for a pension and it was allowed.
William Potter, ( 1773-1838 )served as ensign and Lieutinenant, 1775-78, in Captain Jon Arnold's company of greadiers of Providence, R.I. His widow was placed on pension 1839.
Noel Potter, ( 1758-1847) served , 1776, as corporal in Captain Joseph Hopkins' Company . 1781 as ensign in Captain Ichabod Potter's company, Col. Nathaniel Brown's Rhode Island. He was placed on pension roll 1832, from Hartland, N.Y.
Oliver Potter, in 1776 commanded a company of Green Mountain Boys under Col. Seth. He died in Quebec.
James Potter,( 1760-1849 ) served as private and sergeant in Captain Windsor's company, Chad Brown's regt.
Caleb Potter, ( 1749-1791 ) served 1776, as private inCaptain Thomas Rice's company, C, John Wateman'd R.I. REGT.
Stephen Potter, ( 1727-1796) was a member of the colony of War of R.I., 1778, also Judge of the Superior Court, 1779.
James Potter, ( 1760-1849) served as private and sergeant in Captain Windsor's Company.
Elijiah Potter, ( 1743-1835 ) served , 1776, as private in R.I. troops under Col. Topham.
Christopher Potter, ( 1762-1842 ) served as private in Captain Arthur Tenner's company, Lippitt's regt of R.I. troops.
Joseph Potter, served as ensign, Lieutenant and Captain, R.I. troops.

These are JUST Rhode Island Potters...more to come plus the ARNOLDs , GREENEs and others....... Much of this contributed by Donna Potter.
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